(8 to 9 people, 6 of whom on stage)
A vocalist
An actor
A string quartet (2 violins, alto and violin cello)
Light technician
Sound technician
Artistic coordinator

Use of the venue

Access to the performance room, and to the technical area, the eve and the morning of the show
A meal for the team before or after the show


Seating 100 to 500
Possibly a church
Must be somber
64 amp tri electricity
Dressing rooms with water supply and WC


Minimum 8m x 6m or bigger
A clearing – garden or courtyard

Stage set-up

4 chairs for the musicians (without armrests)

For French gigs, we have our own light and sound equipment
For all others, a sound system will be necessary for the electronic-acoustics.
Depending on the venue, micros/speakers may also be necessary for the artists.

For further information please contact us