"A Divine Comedy" was first created in 2010, then applauded at the CNRR in Nice on 25th June 2010, with a notable participation in the event « C’est pas Classique 2010 » in November 2010. This creation has been backed by the Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes , the SACEM and the SPEDIDAM for the last three years. By their intellectual proliferation, the works of Dante are an integral part of the founding myths of our cultures. At the beginning of the 21st Century one has to refer back to Dante to better understand the changes in our society.

« A Divine Comedy » is a work of art based on team work whereby each member contributed their knowledge, their competence and their enthusiasm, projecting a lively and genuine image of French creative art.

A Divine Comedy

(This play is particularly adapted to a place of prayer)

« A Divine Comedy » is a musical play for contratenor, narrator, string quarter and electronic/acoustic equipment.
The play consists of a unique scene lasting 1h20.

The signing voice represents a profoundly meditative Dante offering his visions with contemplative fervour.

The narrator gives more of a ‘layman’s’ interpretation of the poet.  That of a man made of flesh and blood and passion.

The quartet weaves a harmonious and rhythmical fabric for the vocals, providing the narrator with silences that hang on the words. For the instrumentals, the quartet is entrusted with a succession of melodies, counterpoint, and fugues in classical, modal or jazz harmonies.

The electronic-acoustic sound slips in between, or overlays, the musical sections, strengthening each message.

The lighting sets the scene in the best conditions for the spectator/listener to live with the music.

Subtitling will allow the listener to follow a translation of Dante’s poetry whilst enjoying the music.

This contemporary music writing project freely admits to, and accepts, its frequent references to tonal language.

‘A Divine Comedy’ should be listened to, watched, and experienced, as a slice of life outside time... accessible to all “ears”.

Video extract of A divine comedy

Musical and artistic production and coordination

Christophe Mauro


Mehdi Belhaj Kacem


Alain Aubin


Fosco Perinti


“Pro Musica”
Nicolas Germerie
Xavier Leteuré
Catherine Lubatti
Jean Baptiste Bourrel


Pit Ljunggren

light & stage management

Michel Milland